Since approximately two decades ago, researchers in the field of study of magnetic materials and the phenomenon of magnetism as well as those related to the phenomenon of magnetism in Indonesia have conducted research and communicated the results of their research in a national forum. In its development, apart from the academic atmosphere, researchers are faced with at least three basic problems, namely independence, regeneration and leadership.

Driven by a sense of scientific responsibility, the Indonesian Magnetic Association ( InaMagSoc (IMS) ) organization has been formed as a forum for deliberation, communication and a means of service in order to utilize, utilize and cultivate magnetic science and technology for the benefit of the nation and the State of Indonesia.
The vision to be achieved by this new organization is the creation of an academic atmosphere conducive to magnetic research in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, InaMagSoc (IMS)’s mission is (i) to build research and academic networks in the field of magnetism represented by researchers in Indonesia, (ii) to make a constructive contribution to problems related to magnetism and its applications.