On August 7, 2019, at the Defense University Auditorium, it was the initial activity of the Indonesian Magnetic Association which was later named the Indonesian Magnetics Society (InaMagSoc), which is a workshop on the road map for magnetic research in Indonesia. Prof. Darminto, as chairman of the Indonesian Magnetic Association / InaMagSoc, said that magnetic research began in the early 2000s marked by the presence of magnetic clubs. This workshop activity begins with a public lecture by Prof. Andrivo Rusydi from the National University of Singapore on magnetic research and future technology.

Furthermore, the workshop presents the current status of magnetic research in each institution in Indonesia, both research institutes and universities. In general, magnetic research in Indonesia includes theoretical and numerical simulation-based fundamental research, exploration of new materials as hard magnetic raw materials, exploration of magnetic nanoparticles and their applications. The application of magnetic nano particles as anti-radar absorber material is the best achievement given by the magnetic research group Batan Serpong. Testing the anti-radar absorber on the Indonesian Navy patrol boat confirms the performance of the anti-radar absorber works, but it still needs improvement and recognition.

The description of the status of magnetic research which is not only limited to the island of Java, gives new enthusiasm for the development of magnetic research in Indonesia.

Magnetic Research Road Map Workshop in Indonesia